WFMU Presents: Soundtrack To Infinity


The Eternal Now (theme)
Costes - I hate Noise
Invisible Children - Flesh Vehicle
Sissy Spacek - STE-009
Weasel Walter - Perverted Percussion
Borbetomagus - What a Relief (live at WFMU 1986)
Chop Shop - Pika Don
Current 93 - Black Ship Bloodbells
Volcano The Bear - Hot Rat Piano
Magas - Meteors
Broken Penis Orchestra - The Shattered Reality of Mavis Bimm
The Digitariat - Pushchair Derby in Iceland
XEX - Viet Nam Vet
Beau Wanzer - Wick Hunny
Keith Fullerton Whitman - Synthesizer Phase
White Car - A Path
John Wiese - MCB3-13
No Mor Musik - Kuntlips (excerpt) Masiak/Neval/Walter
Michael Yonkers - Yourself
Irene Moon’s Auk Theater - Neither

Curated & Mastered by Andy Ortmann for The Eternal Now.